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This is Stuart

The company was founded in 2018 and in just two years it quickly grew into what the founder, Tomas Simanauskas, exactly envisioned: create an effortless car charging and energy management solutions for home users and businesses.

On a mission
To enable efficient energy consumption by keeping it seamless
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STUART’s guiding principle is to empower people in their everyday energy consumption. Even though we are a tech company, our focus is to make life easier. Whether it’s charging a car or controlling a heating system, our goal is to make it hassle-free.

We are a community of great minds with international professionals from tech giants like Google, Trafi, and Siemens.

Combining hard work and untamed imagination we strive to provide a seamless charging experience and pave the way for the future of energy consumption.

Our Values
Be ahead of the game. Provide the latest developments and sustainability innovations
Human-centered design

Create technology that solves problems from the human perspective.

Charged Community

Connect people through shared charging opportunities and sustainable solidarity.


Curious to know about customers’ experiences and retain a long-lasting partnership.


Reduce costs by combining renewable
energy sources with intelligent energy consumption.

Our milestones

Stuart Energy

The establishment of Stuart Energy


Reached 1 million EUR in funding

First release

Stuart Charging Management Platform released


Mass production of Stuart Car chargers

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