STUART Car charger

Solar compatible

Enable direct use of solar energy so you can minimize your grid consumption.

Share & earn

Make your charger a public charge point, collect payments and control access.


Instantly compatible with other brand hardware and software, goes online in under 5 min.

Built with one eye on the future

Universally designed to be be used for private as well as commercial purposes.

Adapts to all charging situations

Sleek and compact design looks great in any exterior. Multiple mounting options and directions provide easy access. Optional double-sided conjunction when fixed to a stand for convenient fleet charging.

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We've got you covered at every step


Quick 48h replacement policy and 2-year warranty. Remote troubleshooting and customer support.

User's app

Remote starting, ending or scheduling of the charging sessions. Access to public charge map and card-linked payments.

Flexible software

Cloud-based user, firmware and payment management. Real-time monitoring and automated billing integration.

Innovative hardware

Intelligent charger, with controlled connectivity and smart load balancing. Designed for intense usage.

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Features & Services

Solar compatible
Compatible with solar PV installation of any scale.
Session scheduling
Remote setting of convenient charging times or when electricity is cheaper.
Integrated communication
Interoperates with all STUART products as well as other smart appliances.
Adaptable tech
Can be easily paired with other brand hardware and software.
Reduces bills though optimized power consumption.
App management
Controlled via STUART App. Easy monitoring and consumption reporting.

Remote charger control

Schedule your charging sessions or remotely turn your charger on and off using STUART App.

Consumption tracking

Set a charging schedule during off-peak hours when the electricity is the cheapest or during the sunlight hours to charge exclusively from solar.

Real-time monitoring

Receive notifications on charging status, battery level updates, view transactions, and charge history.

Where the charger is used
You can use Stuart charger in many ways
Charging at home
With STUART Car charger you can treat your car like any other electric household appliance.
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Charging station integrators
Experience the simplicity of managing multiple charging stations with one platform.
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The company was founded in 2018 and in just two years it quickly grew into what the founder, Tomas Simanauskas, exactly envisioned: to create an effortless car charging and energy management solutions for home users and businesses.

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