Charging management platform
STUART Charging management platform

For large charge point operators it is a great tool to cut unnecessary travel and maintenance expenses and earn more. If you are a traditional business like a store or a restaurant it provides a convenient, time-saving service that and allows you to focus on your primary duties.

Cloud-based management

Allows to keep track and perform remote firmware updates. Make use of dynamic pricing and set different charge tariffs when needed.

Scalable network
Facilitates an unlimited number of chargers and user accounts, and manage it all at once. Monitoring and the all flow of data will be under your control.
Integrated payments
Easy collection of payments and organization of financial operations. Automatic invoicing and billing services allows to keep a good customer service.
STUART Charging management platform

Services & Features

Hardware diagnostics
Remote troubleshooting and monitoring of charger’s health.
Real-time reports
Automatic process of charging and payment information and data exports.
Custom charging fees
Flexible time-based tariffs and dynamic pricing of charging services.
Energy management
Smart load balancing management to protect the hardware from grid overloads.
Billig and invoicing
Automatized billing, invoicing, and refunding for charging services
Operation management
Remote administration, payment collection, access control, and daily monitoring.
STUART Charging management platform

An end-to-end solution for charging service management

Roaming capabilities

The platform just like STUART Energy app provides drivers and charging service providers with cross-border charging. This means that electric car drivers can access charging services all over the world with the same account, and their data will still visible on the STUART charging management platform.

STUART Energy app for customer communication

An accompanying end-user tool linked to the platform, that allows drivers to manage their accounts, view charging history, find and reserve their favorite charging stations.


Universally compatible with other brand hardware with instant connectivity without additional configuration. This allows the system to recognize different chargers, effectively communicate, and process information at the same speed, regardless of the manufacturer charger’s manufacturer.


Practical matters

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