STUART Powerboard

Smart home management

Specially designed to interoperate with other smart house appliances and provide automated energy management of heating, cooling, car charging, and other devices.

Solar PV integration

A built-in solar inverter allows STUART Powerboard to efficiently incorporate renewable energy into daily consumption and adjust energy distribution according to your habits.

Machine-learning technology

Automatically controls the air and water temperature according to the weather forecast and your everyday habits.

The future of A++ class housing

Game-changing technology for modular houses that automatically manage all energy consumption processes.

Controls all of your home energy appliances

Water heating • Home space heating system • Cooling and air conditioning • Mechanical ventilation • Electric car charging • Lighting.

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A simple solution for every house

Custom power supply

Controls the direct flow of solar power or from battery storage to make the most of renewable energy value gains.

Source assessment

Assesses the availability of renewable energy sources and their potential based on your consumption patterns.

Consumption analysis

Provides alerts in case abnormal patterns of energy consumption are detected, preventing wasteful over-consumption.

Evaluates metering

Adapts to a shifting electricity tariff and your energy usage habits in order to optimize consumption.

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Features & Services

Solar integrated
Utilizes and distributes power from clean energy sources.
Power outage protection
Combined with a home battery, prioritizes power distribution during an outage.
Machine-learning tech
Intelligent hardware designed to fit smart home settings.
Integrated communication
Interoperates with all STUART products as well as other smart appliances.
App management
Controlled via STUART App. Easy monitoring and consumption reporting.
Compact design
Sleek appearance looks great in any interior, replaces cluttery fuse boxes.
Will be updated shortly
Will be updated shortly

Renewable energy optimization

Developed to incorporate and manage solar or other renewable energy sources. Easily integrated and adapted to any type of inverter system, providing additional value and reducing electrical bills.

Smart HVAC

Control and setting of all heating, cooling, and ventilation devices in an energy-efficient and cost-reducing mode. Smooth interoperability between different systems and user-friendly viewing interface.

House energy monitoring

Using STUART Energy app you can look over and analyze the energy circulation in the whole house. Track and estimate the availability of renewable energy sources.

Where the charger is used
You can use Stuart charger in many ways
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The company was founded in 2018 and in just two years it quickly grew into what the founder, Tomas Simanauskas, exactly envisioned: to create an effortless car charging and energy management solutions for home users and businesses.

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