Commercial fleet management
Charge services for guests and clients

Build customer loyalty and attract new ones. If you are running a traditional business such as a café, a small hotel, or a shop, an electric car charger is a great opportunity to earn an extra income.

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Put your company on a map

Make your company a charge point destination, that is visible on a public charge station map. This way increasing customer traffic and boosting your brand’s awareness.

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Increase customer visit duration
Most electric cars take a few hours to recharge. By installing car chargers you provide customers with a reason to stay longer at your business premises.
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Create charging opportunities
Offering electric car charging services to employees and visitors is a meaningful way to increase people's loyalty and brand reputation.
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Smart charging
Optimized energy consumption and grid protection with dynamic load balancing.
Supports fleet charging with an unlimited number of chargers and user accounts.
Cloud-based CRM
For handling of customer accounts, RFIDs. Automated billing and invoicing.
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