Charging at home
‍The simplest way to charge your car

With STUART Car charger you can treat your car like any other electric household appliance.

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STUART Car charger is a state-of-the-art charging solution for everyone who wants to cut electricity bills while having a hassle-free charging experience in the comfort of their own home.

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Equipped with the latest industry innovations STUART is also compatible with solar and other alternative energy sources, making it a great future investment before clean energy is the new normal.
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Not only is it cheaper than charging at an expensive public point, but STUART will also flexibly adapt to a shifting tariff providing a cost-effective solution when the electricity is cheapest.
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Benefits of charging with solar

Solar value monitoring
Solar and grid consumption tracking to see the solar added value.
Linking STUART to your solar PV system will reduce  bills by three times.
Always on solar
Solar power charging is a default setting with a grid boost when needed.
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Energy consumption control

Remote charger control

Schedule your charging sessions or remotely turn your charger on and off using STUART App.

Key features:

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Consumption tracking

Set a charging schedule during off-peak hours when the electricity is the cheapest or during the sunlight hours to charge exclusively from solar.

Key features:

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Real-time monitoring

Receive notifications on charging status, battery level updates, view transactions, and charge history.

Key features:

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Practical matters

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