STUART Heat battery

A maintenance-free product

Built to last for long periods of time, the built-in thermal battery does not require any replacement or maintenance, ensuring cost-saving longevity.

Highly  effective

Due to the latest phase change material (PCM) technology, the STUART Heat battery provides 3 times more effective heating than the usual boilers.

Compact design

A single-unit system requires minimum space and can be seamlessly integrated into any room of the house.

More domestic hot water

Consisting of separate modules, the STUART Heat battery is a perfect alternative to a regular water heater, providing 45-55°C hot water for all your household needs. One module can provide up to 200 l of hot water, and, if there is a need for more, a second module can be easily installed on top of the existing one.

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Domestic water heating made simple

Higher energy density

Using advanced PCM technology, the STUART Heat battery can store a significantly larger amount of energy in a small size unit.

Preserving constant temperature

Keeps a steady temperature for a long time, ensuring sufficient heating at all times.

A basic principle of operation

Does not require an additional power source. When connected to a house heat pump, the heat battery will load itself.

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Module design
The battery's capacity can be easily expanded by adding additional modules.
NASA approved technology
Using the same technology of phase change material for thermal energy storage.
A++ class friendly
Compliant with the latest energy efficiency and zero-emission requirements.
Will be updated shortly
Will be updated shortly

Where the charger is used
You can use Stuart charger in many ways
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