Stuart app
STUART App a self-service solution for drivers

Find a public charge point, view prices, charge power. Select a preferred charging station and reserve it to guarantee its availability upon your arrival.

Status monitoring

Receive notifications on charging status, battery level updates, view transactions, and charge history.

Card-linked payments
Allows automatically pay for charging services without taking your wallet out.
Access to charge map
Find the nearest charge point, check availability, and reserve a charger in real-time.
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Services & Features

Access to roaming
Providing charging opportunities for third-party customers.
Transaction history
Detailed information on service costs and charging times.
Solar energy tracking
Solar power availability and added value during grid charging.
Session scheduling
Remote setting of convenient charging times or when electricity is cheaper.
Consumption reporting
Access and export of the power consumption data and patterns.
Personalized account
Naming or branding personal user account for familiarity.

One app for home and public charging

Public charging

Easily navigate between different-colored station icons right on the map of your current location. Or plan your charges by typing in the address of your destination, and viewing the charger availability in real-time. You can narrow your search by applying a preference filter and save the results for future searches.

Charging at home

A thought-out design of STUART App provides an effortless navigation through the charging process. Charging with solar is a default setting that enables the maximum use of clean energy. When solar power is not enough you can turn on a grid boost right on the home screen.


Practical matters

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