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Cloud-based management

Streamline operations and reduce the need for on-site visits using STUART charging management platform. Remotely manage, identify and fix errors, and support a whole network of chargers for multiple clients at the same time without having to leave your office.

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Smart energy consumption
Reduce your clients' energy costs and protect the grid from overloading with our advanced hardware solutions. Our 3-level load balancing system allows your clients to optimize their energy consumption and minimize peak demand charges by intelligently adjusting the amount of available power.
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Effortless installation/usage
Streamline daily tasks like installations, maintenance, or support, and scale your business with Stuart. Our system is compatible with all OCPP 1.6-based charging stations and always comes with expert training and support.
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Diverse access and operation benefits

Smart charging
Optimized energy consumption and grid protection with dynamic load balancing.
Supports fleet charging with an unlimited number of chargers and user accounts.
Hardware management
Remote maintenance, hardware health monitoring and troubleshooting.
Performance insights
Key metrics tracking and remote evaluation of chargers in multiple locations.
Cloud-based CRM
For handling of customer accounts, RFIDs. Automated billing and invoicing.
Real-time reports
Automatic process of charging and payment information and data exports.
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Supporting products

Remote operation via charge management platform and app

Scale your business

Stuart's fleet management platform is designed to help charge point installers effectively manage and expand their business as it grows or takes on new clients and brands of EV charging stations. It provides tools to streamline operations and scale the business.

Key features:

White labeling for business clients


Future – proof network with hardware – agnostic



Multiple OCPP 1.6- based charging stations brands


Improve customer experience

With our fleet management platform, installers can quickly respond to any issues or concerns that customers may have, leading to a better overall customer experience.

Key features:


RFID based charging

User management

24/7 support

SSO login


Increase efficiency

Our fleet management platform allows charge point installers to easily monitor and remotely manage their charging stations, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity, and faster problem resolution.

Key features:

Charge point management

Remote start/stop/restart

Charger Status / Data

Charger error management

Asset management

Reporting / analytics per Sessions /Stations /Transactions/ Intervals

OCPP live logs debugging


Manage limited resources

Using 3-level load balancing methods, such as static, dynamic, and adaptive, optimize the performance of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network, even when there is a limited amount of electricity available.

Key features:

Static load balancing

Dynamic load balancing

Adaptive load balancing



Software training/onboarding

We offer personalized onboarding and in-depth training to ensure that our installers are able to fully utilize our solution.

Key features:

User manuals

Online onboarding

Assistance and support


Additional features

With Stuart's platform, charge point installers can provide real-time statistics and period filters to their business clients. This includes keeping track of revenue, expenses, and profitability.

Key features:

Payment collection

Pricing flexibility per charger

Dynamic pricing

Special price/discount per user or user groups


Analytics dashboard



Enhance security

Our fleet management platform adheres to AWS-recommended security best practices to secure charging station operations. This includes strict role separation, role-based data access, encryption of sensitive data at rest and use of TLS for communication. Our code review processes also prioritize secure coding throughout development.

Key features:


Practical matters

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