Unlocking the Potential of EV Charging in Lithuania: Analysis of Driver Experiences and Infrastructure Challenges

This survey was performed to research EV charging experiences of drivers in Lithuania. In particular, the goal of this inquiry was to analyze problems that EV drivers face daily while charging their vehicles. From seemingly general questions, STUART company aimed to obtain information that will be helpful in perfecting products and services for the customers.

Results revealed that drivers are mainly separated into three groups, satisfied, neutral and dissatisfied with charging experiences. 10% of respondents claimed that their encounters with electric charging were good, 12 % of them stated to have average or normal experience, 56 % expressed dissatisfaction while utilizing electric chargers. While users of personal charging points mostly had pleasant experiences, those who charge vehicles at public stations recounted many difficulties.

Drivers that expressed negative opinion about their charging experiences name the main problem of infrastructure. Most of the time responders endure long waiting queues to charge their vehicles, the other issue is that drivers with internal combustion engines use charging station areas as parking lots. This issue directly corresponds with absence of rules in public charging spaces which results in EV drivers losing the chance to properly charge their vehicles.

Another issue concerning electric chargers and their usability, as named by respondents, is multiple apps that are needed for charging. This raises a lot of inconveniences; users need to install all of the different applications in order to pay for the service. From this researched it appeared that most stations do not perform automatic troubleshooting for smooth operation. EV drivers often encounter a situation when chargers are not working, however on the map of the app this information is not disclosed. It can be stated that drivers who employ their personal chargers do not encounter any problems, some responders also highlighted the fact that prices at public charging points are more expensive that actual price that is regulated.

As the tendency to drive electrical vehicle rises, it is noted that to perfect charging experience electric chargers should be installed in bigger quantities and spread throughout Lithuania. To make charging experiences more smooth, responders suggested to simplify apps or unify them into one platform, include maps of charging points availability in real time and make it possible to pay via card at charging stations.

These issues that were named in the researched revealed two real problems: charging stations are hard to operate (no rules how to use them, troubles with paying) and undeveloped infrastructure.

STUART Energy is continuing to conduct surveys in various EV business areas, building on our experience in researching EV charging experiences in Lithuania. With a wider range of respondents and research, we can expect even more valuable insights to emerge. The survey of EV drivers in Lithuania has already provided important information on the challenges drivers face while charging their vehicles, including issues with infrastructure and the usability of charging apps. By addressing these problems, our research will help pave the way for a better future for EV charging infrastructure, and we look forward to sharing our future findings.

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