Putting ABB Terra (94) to the Test: Exceeding Expectations with a Perfect Score

This post highlights the key features of this advanced charging station, including its OCPP 1.6 support, outstanding test performance, and its ability to cater to multiple electric vehicles simultaneously.

At Stuart Energy, we are committed to providing cutting-edge EV charging solutions to meet the growing demands of electric vehicle owners. As part of our ongoing efforts, we tested the ABB Terra (94) Level 3, 90 kW DC charging station, and we are excited to share the remarkable results with you.

OCPP 1.6 Supported

The ABB Terra (94) Level 3, 90 kW DC charging station is built to support the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) version 1.6. OCPP is a widely adopted communication standard in the EV charging industry, allowing seamless integration and interoperability between charging stations and central management systems. By supporting OCPP 1.6, the ABB Terra (94) ensures compatibility with various software platforms including STUART and enables smooth data exchange for enhanced monitoring, control, and billing functionalities.

Exceptional Test Performance

Prior to incorporating any new charging station into our service list, we conduct rigorous tests to ensure its reliability, efficiency, and safety. The ABB Terra (94) Level 3, 90 kW DC charging station successfully passed all six tests with flying colors. These comprehensive tests include functionality, interoperability, reliability, performance, security, and safety evaluations. By meeting and surpassing the stringent criteria set by our team, the ABB Terra (94) has demonstrated its exceptional performance and reliability.

ABB Terra (94) Level 3, 90 kW DC charging station

The successful testing of the ABB Terra (94) Level 3, 90 kW DC charging station has reinforced our commitment to offering state-of-the-art charging solutions at Stuart Energy. With its support for OCPP 1.6, exceptional test performance, and dual-connector CCS configuration, this charging station brings a range of benefits to EV owners and operators. We are thrilled to include the ABB Terra (94) in our growing list of charging stations and look forward to providing our customers with an enhanced charging experience.

Consultancy and Testing Services

If you are interested in harnessing our consultancy services or having your own EV charging devices (AC and DC) tested, our dedicated sales team at Stuart Energy is ready to assist you. Reach out to them for any inquiries or to discuss how we can support your EV charging needs. We are passionate about working together with our clients to accelerate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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